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Episode 31: Radiating Love Yoga Nidra
July 08, 2020 06:13 PM PDT
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A heart expanding yoga nidra to connect into the love that holds you safe to shine your brightest and radiate to the world. Often we play small and our fears hold us back from being our best self. This practice connects to the light of love so it can hold you in love and compassion through heart expansion phases of life. This is an updated version of the former 'Compassion Yoga Nidra' so still contains the challenging opposite emotions of love & hate. Go easy on how you find this practice. Make sure that you connect to your safe space at the beginning.

Episode 30: Hero's Journey Yoga Nidra
May 05, 2020 07:46 PM PDT
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This yoga nidra practice is for more experienced pracititoners. It is long and contains harder opposite sensations to conjure within.

Inspired by the work of Joseph Campell, you are taken on the key aspects of your own hero's journey.

Set a clear intention of what you want to experience or achieve in life.
Listen to your intuition and inner wisdom.
Trust the signs and others to guide you safely.
Be aware of what you seek to change, how you resist & what helps you step up.

Step away from being a victim. Be responsible for your life.

Share with those who might benefit from the practice.

Episode 29: Beat of Your Heart Meditation
March 21, 2020 08:17 PM PDT
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This meditation centres back to the heart before expanding out from the beat of your own heart space.

When we are called to help others we have to ensure that we ourselves are centred.

When we are in fear we must ensure that our actions come from love.

Stay safe and connected to your love.
That is what you are here to share.

Episode 28: Create Inner Space Meditation
March 12, 2020 06:00 AM PDT
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Either we lack time or space in life. This meditation is to help cultivate the sense of space within. The pause between the thoughts, the gaps between the tissues and organs and peace between the emotions. When we feel some space we react less and begin to uncover more peace within us. Create more space in life from the inside and then declutter your home with a tidy up!

Please let me know any requests for future practices. I love to hear from you!

Episode 26: Growing Your Garden Nidra
January 15, 2020 06:00 AM PST
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Grow your inner garden and cultivate the life experience that you dream with this integrated practice. Yoga nidra blended with Shamanic journeying is a way to explore creative perception. The inner garden is how we perceive the world and what we choose to experience. A great practice to support starting new projects or a new year, or decade. Let the garden grow from your deepest heart's desires for your best life.

Episode 27: Love All Parts Meditation
February 12, 2020 06:00 AM PST
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To embrace and fully love our darker parts can be one of the greatest challenges in life. This practice begins the journey to discover love for all parts of the body. Connect to gratitude for the lessons and life experiences that the body part brings, accept them for being a part of who we are and the story that we can tell of our life.

Enjoy my meditations? Please share them with others.

Episode 29: Mantra for Acceptance Meditation
April 15, 2020 06:00 AM PDT
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Acceptance that where we are right now is perfect can sometimes feel a bit of a stretch. Through mantra meditation the mind can be anchored into the present moment, which helps encourage acceptance of things as they are.

If you enjoy the practice, please share with others.

Episode 25: Ocean Let Go Meditation
December 18, 2019 06:00 AM PST
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Set outside above the South Sea of Tasmania this guided meditation channels the energy of the sea to wash away what no longer serves you. Make space within to welcome the new adventures, lessons and wonders of the next phase of life. A wonderful way to end a year and decade, or just end every day with this meditation to encourage deep restful sleep.

Enjoy my meditations? Please share them with others.

Episode 24: Yoga Nidra to Weather Life
November 01, 2019 04:12 PM PDT
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The only thing we can truly control in life is our reaction to the changing world around us. Designed to promote balance & cultivate the witness aspect of ourselves as we witness the changes in life, this yoga nidra works with the fundamental elements & their qualities - or gunas. Through witnessing each element change through its energetic qualities we can remain steady & centred through the changes in life.

Includes mental nadi shodhana, opposites of lethargy & excitement.

Episode 23: Breathe into Body Sensations Meditation
August 19, 2019 06:00 AM PDT
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This short meditation practice is a tool to help come back into the body, relieve some tension and possible pain relief.

Observing the body's sensations with the breath into that area can allow the flow back into areas of energy stuck in the body. An easeful breath with some gentle non-judgmental witnessing helps move things along.

Enjoy the meditations? Please share with others who might appreciate them.

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